Butt plugs are designed to be inserted into the anus, providing stimulation to various erogenous zones based on your anatomy. They are a versatile sex toy suitable for everyone, offering potential arousal for the prostate (if present) or the back wall of the vaginal canal (for those with one), in addition to the numerous nerve endings in the anus (if it's a part of your anatomy).

Use a real one

Opt for an actual butt plug when delving into anal play for a safe experience. Ensure the chosen sex toy is explicitly designed for this purpose and has a flared base.

Don’t go from Anal to Vaginal Play

Avoid transitioning directly from anal to vaginal play, as the vagina and rectum are not compatible playmates. Such actions may result in disruptions to the vaginal pH balance or lead to infections.

Lots of lube!

Unlike the vagina, the anus lacks natural lubrication, necessitating the use of a generous amount of lubricant. Reapply as necessary during anal play. Selecting the appropriate lubricant is crucial; thicker lubes and gels are well-suited for anal play. Additionally, consider the material of the sex toys in use to determine whether water or silicone-based lubricants are more suitable.

Anal shouldn’t be painful

It's typical to experience slight discomfort while adapting to anal training, as you get used to inserting rather than expelling objects. However, it is crucial to ensure that this discomfort does not escalate to pain. We strongly advise against the use of numbing creams and desensitizers. These products hinder your ability to explore what brings you the most pleasure during anal activities and may prevent you from identifying any skin tears or fissures that may occur.