Butt plugs are crafted from various materials such as nickel-free stainless steel, glass, silicone, jelly, and even wood (though it may seem unconventional). Generally, as you progress down the list, the plugs tend to become softer and more flexible, with the exception of wood.

For beginners, it's often suggested to opt for softer plugs as they offer a well-balanced blend of flexibility and firmness. This ensures they are easy to insert, provide a pleasurable sensation, and are comfortable for bodies in the initial stages of adapting to anal stretching and fullness. Choosing a non-porous material is preferable for hygiene, particularly if the plug is intended to be shared.


Adjusting to wearing a butt plug requires some time, so the key regarding size is to proceed gradually and consistently. A recommended starting point is to engage in finger play, then select a plug size that aligns with the comfort level you experience with fingers (always use lubricant). If the plug you're using appears exceptionally small, that's fine - your anus, which is new to this experience, won't perceive it as such.

An alternative is to experiment with an anal training kit! These kits typically include 3-5 plugs that incrementally vary in size, allowing you to gradually enhance the size of the plug you feel at ease wearing over time.


For how long do you plan to wear it? Some people can find pleasure in wearing a plug even when not actively involved in sexual activities. Initially, this may not be feasible as you embark on exploring the stimulating realm of butt plugs. However, with time, you can progressively extend the duration of wearing a plug.

Wearing a plug for more than approximately 3 hours is not advisable, although individual tolerance may vary. (We advocate for giving your booty a break). If planning extended wear, look for a plug specifically designed for such occasions. A flexible plug is suitable for wear as it adapts to your movements, while a firmer plug is ideal for stationary and prostate play. To prevent any unplanned slipping, consider wearing a pair of snug underwear or using a harness.

How to clean your butt plug?

After using your butt plug, ensure thorough cleaning with toy cleaner and warm water. Steel and glass plugs are the most straightforward to clean. Silicone may need a robust scrub but is generally safe for use. Exercise caution in washing jelly plugs before and after use. Discard your jelly plug if it undergoes changes in color, texture, or scent.