Let’s chat about the idea of being "addicted" to a toy. While sex addiction is a real and serious issue, it’s unlikely that a vibrator would be the culprit. It’s perfectly normal to find that you enjoy orgasms more with a toy than just with a partner. In fact, only about 25% of women orgasm routinely through penetrative intercourse alone, so adding a toy to the mix is a fun bonus!

However, be gentle with yourself! If you’re using toys to the point where you feel discomfort, such as abrasions or inflammation, or if your clitoral suction toy is causing soreness, it’s time to give your body a little break. For most premenopausal women, it takes quite a bit of use to reach this level of irritation, but postmenopausal women might notice this quicker because of changes in skin sensitivity as estrogen levels drop.

Remember, toys are meant to add fun and pleasure, so listen to your body and enjoy them responsibly!