Step 1: Give Them a Bubble Bath

Before you part ways, treat your toys to one last spa day. In India, garbage is sorted by hand, so let's keep it squeaky clean for everyone. Thoroughly wash and sterilize your toys – a little kindness goes a long way!

Step 2: Unplug and Play Safe

Batteries? Out they go! Removing them ensures safe disposal and avoids the messy mishaps of leaky batteries. Plus, it’s safer for you and the heroes who handle the trash.

Step 3: Wrap It Up and Toss It In

Wrap your toys in paper, give them a hug, and pop them in the bin. This way, whoever handles them knows what’s up. The good news? SinSaint Toys are eco-friendly, so Mother Nature will take good care of them!

Throwing away an old friend can sting, but hey, we’ve got fresh, exciting toys waiting for you! Time to start a new collection and keep the fun going!