SinSaint utilizes 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone, known for its exceptional durability, and it can be easily cleaned. However, it's important to remember to remove the vibrator before cleaning. There are two cleaning methods available: a quick clean and an extensive clean.

For a quick clean, you can use the soap and water method. Simply use a mild, antibacterial soap with warm to hot water, thoroughly rinse the product, and allow it to air dry or gently pat dry with a lint-free towel. If the toy has grooves, crevices, or texture, you can use a very soft bristle brush, ensuring thorough soaping and rinsing. It's advisable to keep the toy brush separate from any other bathing brushes you use. Alternatively, you can opt for a toy cleaner. Apply the toy cleaner of your choice to your SinSaint silicone toy, following the cleaning instructions provided on the toy cleaner bottle.

For a more extensive clean, there are two methods available. The boiling water method involves boiling your silicone toy for a maximum of 2 minutes at a temperature not exceeding 350 degrees Celsius. Ensure that the toy is completely covered by water in the pot, without overfilling it with too many toys. It's important to closely monitor the process and not leave the toys unattended, as evaporated water can cause the toys to touch the bottom of the pan and potentially melt. Please note that SinSaint does not replace melted or damaged toys. After boiling, allow the toy to air dry or use a lint-free towel or cloth to wipe it down. Another option is the automatic dishwasher method, where you place the silicone toys in the top rack of the dishwasher and run a cycle. This method is particularly useful for toys with grooves, crevices, and texture. If the toys are slightly damp after the cycle, allow them to air dry or use a lint-free cloth or towel to pat them dry.

In both cleaning methods, it's important to ensure the toys are completely dry before storage. You can either let them air dry or clean them with a lint-free cloth.