As we know, when experiencing arousal, your body instinctively produces moisture in the vaginal area, providing a natural layer of lubrication. However, the same isn't true for the anus. Therefore, if you're engaging in anal plays, it's recommended to use a sexual lubricant. This significantly enhances the overall enjoyment of the experience. Choosing the right anal lubricants is crucial for ensuring the task is done effectively, and fortunately, there is a multitude of options available in the market catering to various preferences.

Water-based lubricants. They are generally the safest choice for most sex toys, but they tend to be absorbed into the body more quickly. Consequently, you may find yourself needing to remove the toy and reapply the lubricant more frequently.

Silicone lubricant has a more extended endurance, but it is absolutely not suitable, for use with silicone toys, including those designed explicitly for anal play. The lubricant can cause deterioration of the toy.

Oil-based lubricants work wonders for more advanced anal play.

if you’re using a condom or dental dam for protection against STIs, then you should opt for water or silicone-based lubricant rather than oil. 

Given the multitude of options, determining the best anal lubricant can be subjective. The ideal anal lubricants are those that offer prolonged effectiveness, have a non-tacky or sticky texture, and won't cause harm to rubber/TPE, silicone, or other soft-textured sex toys. However, if you're utilizing medical-grade steel, you'll have a broader range of choices.

How to Use Lube?

It’s always useful to be mindful of any instructions on the packaging. Most lubes have a shelf life - so be sure to check the expiration date. You can apply lube directly onto whatever is being inserted anally, or to the outside, or inside the anus as well. Every lubricant comes with its advantages and drawbacks. However, if you have skin sensitivity or allergies, opting for a basic water-based lubricant might be the most suitable choice, as it lacks harsh synthetic ingredients.